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Thread: Installing tkInter Python Package - How To

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    Default Installing tkInter Python Package - How To

    Hi I'm trying to install tkinter GUI for Python on my machine. I'm working in the Command Line Shell environment exclusively and I'm trying to get the tkinter Modules installed. I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing this, whether it is through YaST or not, but when I search for the package in YaST there are none found. I am VERY new to Linux and OpenSUSE and other than using YaST or zypper to install packages I'm not too clear on the steps involved. I'm not sure how to install the tkinter MODs or any Python MODS for that matter and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Installing tkInter Python Package - How To

    Tkinter is installed by the package python-tk.
    Just open yast software management and search for tkinter (it searches by
    default the package name and the package description).
    From command line
    su -
    zypper in python-tk
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    Default Re: Installing tkInter Python Package - How To

    zypper in python-tk
    You don't say what version of openSUSE your running?

    You can search for all the python modules via zypper se or zypper search <name>, then to install use zypper in or zypper install <name> as listed in the second column.
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    Default Re: Installing tkInter Python Package - How To

    Thanks, "zypper in python-tk" worked fine. Appreciated

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