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Thread: Desktop size problem?

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    Default Desktop size problem?

    I've been looking around and searching but I can't seem to find it, so sorry if I missed it but,
    I have two monitors set up with the secondary to the left of the main. The problem is two fold,
    1) My secondary monitor is shorter then the main, but the desktop doesn't compensate so I have a blank space above and a little bellow the monitor that can't be shown but stuff can still be placed there
    2) By default all desktop icons start in the most top left location on my desktop and I have no idea how to make them show up on my main monitor by default.
    I'm running 11.4, nVidia graphics card with default driver

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett123321 View Post
    I'm running 11.4, nVidia graphics card with default driver
    I use the nVidia driver, so I have nVidia app to set the individual screen resolution for each monitor that's attached. I think with the default driver you have to use the KDE/Gnome applets to control resolution.

    My advice would be to go to the proprietary driver. Please research before installing, though (there's a really simple guide on the Multimedia and Install forums as stickies. There have been a few recently who didn't follow the instructions and ended up with a messed up system.
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