I must say that as an average OpenSuse user I am kind of lost in all that repos around. My first Linux distro was Gentoo and although OpenSuse is much easier to manage - most things just work out-of-the box, one thing was much better in Gentoo and it was Portage. One repository for everything. Once I knew the name of software, I typed emerge 'that software' and I was done (of course, compiling took some time, but that's another thing ). Problem with OpenSuse is that almost nothing is in the default repositories so I have to open Firefox and look for the software manually. Of course, the on-click-install feature is very nice, but when you think about it, what's the difference between Windows and OpenSuse then? Another funny thing is that recently it seems to me, that every app I install needs its own repository. So my system is crowded with repositories which I will most probably never need again. Wouldn't be better to merge all this repositories to one or two? Let say stable and unstable? Especially when the names are almost the same - just look for example at KDE:/Extra - there are Distro Factory, Unstable SC, Factory, Factory Unstable SC. And all of them has the same description. I'm sure there is a reason why they are not together, but I can't see it.

So to conclude.. what am I missing? What's the standard procedure of installing software if I want to do it comfortably and avoid all this mess around?