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Thread: Urgent: LibreOffice Impress question

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    Sorry, I was away yesterday after last post. I hope this still is helpful to you.

    I [can't] attach the presentation.

    I can't find the button / option to attach a file to the post so here is an MU link for it.

    Hopefully is allowed here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tpe View Post
    I have an extremely urgent support request!
    I need to create a presentation by Friday. I have selected the template, the elements etc. But, I have to add transition between each text Outlines and each page. It's very easy to add page transition effects. But, so far I have not managed to add automatic custom effect in text transitions (with click).
    For example, let's say that I have in page the following format:
    1. Text 1
    2. Text 2
    3. Text 3

    I want to present the elements as
    Text 1, then I click the mouse, Text 2 click the mount Text 3 etc.
    In MS PowerPoint this is done via Master pages.
    I tried the same on OO/LibreOffice 3.3:
    Edit the Slide Master, modified the fonts etc. Then, I tried to add a custom animation in each element
    But with no success.
    First of all, it seems that any effect is named: Outline Text 1: Click to...
    Second: Even If I accept the fact than there seems to be no way to add an effect for Outline 2 etc, I save and show the presentation. But, instead of a page transition then a blank page that requires a click from me to present the 1st element, I see ALL elements.

    So, is it possible to do that in OO?
    Highlight text 1 add the animation
    Highlight text 2 add the second animation
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