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Thread: Diabling Screen Saver While Streaming Video

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    Default Diabling Screen Saver While Streaming Video


    I'm wondering if there is a method for leaving the screen saver set to appear after, say 4 minutes, but to NOT have the screen saver activate during a streamed video. For example, any time I wish to stream a video through Firefox, I must open screen saver settings and deactivate. I was wondering if there is some way to maybe lower the priority for the screen saver below Firefox or Flash player, etc. Or if there is another work-around that is simpler than monkeying with the settings every time.

    I haven't noticed this problem when using media players to mount local files, such as vlc.

    I'm running 64-bit KDE 4.6.4 Tumbleweed (from 11.4), FIrefox 4.0.1, Linux x86_64. Last 'zypper dup' was done yesterday, 6/28. Sorry if I forgot any important info.


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    the common practice is for the media player application to prevent the screensaver function and as far as i know, there isn't a way to to do that with a web browser , at least not easily.... but, there is a work-around available to you.

    in systemsettings for KDE, there is a module WindowBehavior>ScreenEdges that lets you select a screen edge/corner to temporarily de-activate the screensaver. Right click the edge location you want in the mock-up and select the action wanted when the mouse is located there. It is a bit more precise in the required mouse position than i would like, but it works well.

    Note that this doesn't affect the powersaving functions at all, if you have it set to turn the monitor off after some period of inactivity.... it will do so regardless of the screenedge function.

    hope this helps.

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