Hi guys, I'd like to start off by thanking you guys, I've spent the past few days on here and google lurking trying to fix my skype mic problem, and today I was able to fix it by tinkering! Very happy about that, and now on to fix less important but still annoying bugs.

I'm using KDE, and didn't have any problems at first using the cable without the battery. Once I put in a charged battery it will display the correct percent, but jump randomly sometimes to 1%, notify me with a critical ding that I should save and shut down.
What I did for now was shut off hibernation at 1%, and disable locking after hibernation so it wouldn't be nearly so annoying.
I'm not extremely familiar with terminal commands, but I'm learning as I go, please work with me to let me know what information I would need to provide you guys with commands or files.

p.s I have a windows 7 starter partition, but from what I've read windows 7 hates bios upgrades and I would rather not risk this netbook, i need it for school. I know bios upgrades have worked for people with acers but I want to try everything else, and leave the bios as a very last resort.