When I open kontact after it's opened and fetched in all mails and feeds, the korganizer icon is still bouncing around waiting for it to start for over half a minute, not really a problem as such but it is a tad annoying

Especially when you consider that from pressing Enter at the kdm login screen to a usable desktop on the machine in question takes an average of 12 seconds ... and that's with an nfs share for /home. So korganizer takes almost 3 times as long to load as my entire desktop environment does, in fct when booting the os, from selecting what to boot on the grub menu to being presented with the kdm login screen takes less time than korganizer takes to open

Behaves exactly the same if I have it load with the desktop or manually run it after the desktop has loaded

Anyone have any ideas what may cause this or even where to look for clues?

Issues with anything kontact related I've had in the past have almost always been down to akonadi but akonadi seems to be behaving itself