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    Red face Google Earth "copy Image"

    Hi, I need to take several image copies from Google Earth for a project,, to make up a larger image, by that I mean zooming in to say 500 Metres above the location, -"Copy Image" and drop it into Photo editor, move the view in G'Earth up a screen length and take a second image copy and repeat -I'll then join the images together to make a single detailed image.
    But It's going to take ages! at about "500 Metres high", to cover the area I need, is going to take maybe a dozen if not more screen shots.
    Just wondered if there was any way to make it simpler, if not quicker, is there a way to say, zoom out and view the whole area I require, mark it out / select it (as you might do when selecting a portion of an image) then trigger off a download or generate a detailed image of the area as selected?
    It'd no doubt take time, but so much easier than me taking multiple screen shots!
    I'm guessing probably not.... but thought I'd ask ~ just in case
    many thanks.

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    On 06/24/2011 02:06 PM, lastknight wrote:

    > It'd no doubt take time, but so much easier than me taking multiple
    > screen shots!

    i would have no idea how, of even if it is possible, but Google
    publishes application programming interface (API) info that might let
    you stitch together a java program to do exactly what you wish...see here:

    or, maybe someone else has already done that...i'd guess you might find
    more help on this project in a google forum...should be one or more
    referenced on that page...

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