I have lost some icons from my desktop, they are, firefox, yast, thunderbird, emacs, the space and the names are still there, and when I hover the mouse over the space, it is highlighted as it should be. The application opens and runs as normal when I click on the space where the icon should be. The icons are also missing from the favorites bar on the left side and also from the panel top left when the app is running.

I have tried, rebuilding the icon cache in 'usr/share/icons/hicolor', and also all other icon caches for that matter, and no difference. I tried uninstalling and installing the app, no differenence. I tried changing themes and icons from Tweak Tool, no difference. As far as I can see the icons are there in the hicolor directory.

Anyone any ideas, as a last resort can I re-load Gnome 3 without losing all settings and installations, will the Gnome 3 application just check/repair any missing or corrupted files. (ps dont ask if I have a backup, I haven't.)

THanks all