Ken Schneider wrote:
> On 09/24/12 14:16, akshay52144 pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
>> Hi All...
>> can you please help me on similar issue.
>> I created a file from root with below permission:
>> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root pdx 43 Sep 11 05:23 abc
>> the did cmod like below:
>> chmod (06551, abc);
>> I used tar cf command to tar it:
>> but while doing untar on diff machine having root machine,I am getting
>> below ownership:
>> -r-sr-s--x 1 2276 pdx 1443135 Sep 11 14:54 abc
>> please help me why i am getting 2276 instead of root,kindly help me on
>> the same.

> chmod does not change the user name, chown does. 2276 belongs to the
> user pdx in this case.

Ken, I'm not sure why you believe that? There is certainly a group pdx
but we have no evidence that a user called pdx even exists, let alone
that their uid is 2276.

akshay52144, the initial directory listing shows that abc is a symbolic
link. What are the attributes of the file that it links to? Those should
match the ones of the tar copy.