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    I recently installed opensuse 11.4 having come from 11.1 and when I started configuring VNC it appears that tightvnc is installed by default. I enabled remote administration and open firewall ports in YAST and found that the tightvnc viewer connects to my server ok. I do have a couple problems though;

    1. the password I set up when manually launching vncserver for the first time is not requested.

    2. When I launch a viewer connection it appears that an existing session is not being connected to since I log in as a user through the typical suse login screen and when I exit the session, all terminals and apps launched during that session are ended. On my 11.1 installation, after exiting a session all work was persistent and not ended.

    I'm sure this is something I'm not doing correctly and would appreciate any assistance.



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    Nevermind, I think I figured most of my questions out. It looks as though the remote administration referred to in Yast is NOT tightvnc. I disabled the yast app and then referred to Swerdna's pages on VNC to get tightvnc running, launched on reboot with a crontab entry and all seems well

    I even get the tightvnc password entry box that was familiar from my older installation So I'm happy now.

    I do have one question, if I wanted to force a user to login through the usual suse login screen - is that possible with tightvnc and still share the same session?



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