Hello list, moderators,
I see there isn't much lxde traffic on this forum, but maybe this behavior might be of interest here.

The root password is accepted by yast and the lxde login manager, but not the super user version of the pcmanfm file manager. The user pcmanfm icon in tthe lxde control center works OK.

From the lxde control center the superuser icon gives "permission denied" and reverts to the user version. Invoking pcmanfm from a su root shell gets 3 paragraphs of output referencing this error:

a** (pcmanfm:8870): DEBUG: FmJob error: Permission deniedll:

I used the yast SW Manger to update pcmanfm with no change.

If there is interest here, I can insert these 3 paragraphs. I have the stock 11.4 kernel

Any suggestions? Heboland