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Thread: OpenSuse 11.4 Highpoint 2680 driver

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    Default OpenSuse 11.4 Highpoint 2680 driver

    I'm trying to get my Highpoint 2680 working on OpenSuse 11.4 I need to make a driver for this because Highpoint doesn't have one for 11.4.

    I downloaded an open source driver from the website of Highpoint you can find it here.

    First of all I installed this with Yast: gcc, binutils, make, kernel-source, kernel-syms en linux-glibc-devel

    After this was done I unpacked the tar file with the open source driver in it and did this:
    cd /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/

    Now I only get an error and I don't have a clue how I can fix it this is the log:
    make[1]: Map '/usr/src/linux-' wordt binnengegaan
    make -C ../../../linux- O=/usr/src/linux- modules
    CC [M] /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/os_linux.o
    CC [M] /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/osm_linux.o
    /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/osm_linux.c:2078:2: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type
    CC [M] /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/div64.o
    CC [M] /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/hptinfo.o
    CC [M] /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/config.o
    LD [M] /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/rr2680.o
    Building modules, stage 2.
    MODPOST 1 modules
    WARNING: could not find /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/.him_rr2680.o.cmd for /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/him_rr2680.o
    LD [M] /mnt/hdd1/rr268x-linux-src-v1.4/product/rr2680/linux/.build/rr2680.ko
    make[1]: Map '/usr/src/linux-' wordt verlaten

    When I open the osm_linux.c file and go to line 2078 I see this:
    queuecommand: hpt_queuecommand,

    Someone here that can help me with this?
    By the way this if my first time ever for making an driver so be gentle

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    Default Re: OpenSuse 11.4 Highpoint 2680 driver

    Hm, you allready posted this in the Dutch part of these forums. Please do not double post. I for myself am not going to ansswer the same question in two languages. And the result (if any) will be that people reading/answering on one of them will not see what happens on the other one. And thus spoil their time.
    Henk van Velden

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