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Thread: Gnome 3 Problems

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    Default Gnome 3 Problems

    I have a clean install of opensuse 11.4 with gnome as my window manager.

    I have installed gnome 3 using the easy 1 click install from the opensuse website.

    Everything is fine until I install fglrx drivers from the ati repository. Then the colors mess up at the top and the screen has glitches when I open something like pidgin. What is going wrong? oh and the manual install (which I always do and am used to) always fails.

    Please help.

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    I had the same problem and was advised to uninstall the fglrx drivers, which I did, and that fixed the problem. I thought that I needed the fglrx drivers to prevent the graphics system from lagging, but I found that the open source drivers seem to be just as good as the proprietary ones.

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    Default Re: Gnome 3 Problems

    Yes, just let Gnome 3 use the default drivers, if you are able to use Gnome 3 in all its glory then your cards 3D acceleration has been enabled otherwise your desktop would fallback to Gnome 2

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