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Thread: googleearth starts at boot

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    I am running Open Suse 11.4 32bit, and when I boot my system using either Gnome or KDE, my Google Earth program starts? What do I need to do to not have it start automatically at boot?

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    Well first you need to see why it starts. There are at least two possibilities. One you have set the desktop to remember the last items you ran and restart them on startup. or you have put GE in the startup folder. Note for either case Gnome/KDE you would have to have done that in both since the startup folders are in different locations.

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    I would first check the folder ~/.config/autostart, if it is not where I
    have to lookup the locations.

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    Thanks for was in the start-up folder....don't remember ever putting it there but who knows....thanks again for you help....all works find now

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