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Thread: Samsung r525 Cant enable 6630 ati graphics

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    Default Samsung r525 Cant enable 6630 ati graphics


    I bought a samsung r525 quad core laptop with 6630 1gb video.....
    I returned my samsun I got last week that was a amd dual core with 5370 512 video....

    the old laptop performed better then this new one...

    The windows score for graphics is 4.0 (old one was 5.1) I checked in display adaptors and it says i have 4250 running ... i also have 6630 on that list .....
    what i tryed doing
    1- ati drivers searched to see if i can enable the 6630
    2- disabled the 4250 in hopes the 6630 would take over
    3- ran programs like counter strike / civ 5 and it did not perform as well as the older dual core samsung...

    What gives .... the geeksquad and sales staff could not explain this...

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    Default Re: Samsung r525 Cant enable 6630 ati graphics

    Its not clear from your post whether you even have openSUSE installed. What are you trying to achieve?

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