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Thread: Gnome-Shell Extensions Crashing GNOME 3

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    Default Gnome-Shell Extensions Crashing GNOME 3

    After a discussion in another thread about GNOME 3 issues, I got everything figured out and was trying to get some extensions installed...

    I successfully installed the alternative shutdown menu and the applications menu...

    I tried to install alternate-tab and user-theme and they both caused gnome3 to boot into IceWM...I removed all the folders from /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions and home/<user>/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and it fixed it

    I was just wondering if anybody happened to know why...I read somewhere about them being outdated if a GNOME 3 update was released..

    The two extensions I did install were from New GNOME Shell Extensions That Provide A GNOME2-Like User Experience ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog and not the GNOME 3 website...

    The extensions that crashed GNOME were from all over, INCLUDING the GNOME website...I'd like to get the system monitor and a weather applet in the panel and the alternate-tab and change themes but I can't find any that work

    Again, any help is appreciated =)

    EDIT: I tried to use the themeselector extension from here and I think another one or two, however, they were also a few that crashed my GNOME...

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    Default Re: Gnome-Shell Extensions Crashing GNOME 3

    You need to install the ones built for openSUSE, from the Gnome 3.0 repository and/or the couple that I have built in my Gnome 3.0 repository. As indicated it's the GIT version, which I call master in my home repository. Some will only work for the GIT version of gnome-shell and not the current 3.01 (3.02 is being worked on....) releases.

    Will grab the latest git version and see what builds..
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