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Thread: Smb4k Mount Error with NetGear NAS Device

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    Unhappy Smb4k Mount Error with NetGear NAS Device

    mount error: could not resolve address for NAS-D#-2A-7A: Name or service unknown

    I upgraded from Suse 11.2 to 11.4. smb4k worked fine in 11.2. Not so with 11.4. Smb4k loads its desktop just fine. I get the above mount error when I click on any of the sub folders when I try to mount them.

    I have enabled super user privileges in smb4k. firewall has temporarily been disabled
    I need access to this device!



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    Default Re: Smb4k Mount Error with NetGear NAS Device

    I wonder if it's the dreaded 11.4 AppArmor bug that kills Samba. Check AppArmor settings are as below:

    Yast -> Novell AppArmor -> AppArmor Control Panel,

    Click on Set profile modes (Configure) button,

    Highlight the entries 'usr.sbin.nmbd' and 'usr.sbin.smbd' in turn and, for each, click the Toggle Mode button to set the mode from 'enforce' to 'complain'.

    Click Done, OK etc etc.

    (of course, it might be something else).
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