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Thread: Wine x64 freezing hanging

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    Default Wine x64 freezing hanging

    A new bug may have been introduced into 11.4. I have been using Wine for over a year with no issues. I am running Intel mb with Nvidia card. Noveau driver, Opensuse 11.4, x64 bit fresh install.

    I have tried both wine 1.3.12 and 20. Now that I look at it, I am thinking the 20... didn't go right, since I thought my last version was 20 and now it is saying 12. ??

    All I need is Microsoft money 95. The ooooold money manager. I know old habits die hard. It was working like a champ in 11.3. Just double click on my database and it would take off.

    I can run mine, notepad, configuration, All seems fine, but when I attempt to install the application, it may or may not install. Usually not. When it hangs, it takes the whole system down hard! The only solution that I have come up with is the BRB! (big red button) That is VERY unusual for linux. So something must be clashing badly. I have all my old .wine stuff, but that has not helped. I DID completely remove it thinking it may be causing the issue. It is actually worse, with the new install, without the old .wine.

    I fired up winetricks. I attempted to install some stuff. It went wrong... the xwindows blew up and all of a sudden I was sitting at the login window... so something is different.

    I do not see any logs, so any help appreciated.
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