Installed 11.4 on friend's Vista box in multiboot. Inserted the DVD while running Vista, got the option to install locally from w/in Windows, thought "I've never done it this way before, why not?"
Part way thru the install setup, the system froze, power button time.
On reboot, got a grub-like DOS looking screen with a title bar that says "Windows Boot Manager" -- the screen gives the choice of
Windows Vista
openSUSE 11.4 installer (local)

I chose the 11.4 install, and everything worked ok, the system is now up and running.
However, upon each boot, I first get the normal grub screen; if 11.4 is chosen, no probs, but when Windows is chosen, I get the same Windows Boot Manager dos screen as above, asking which OS you want, Windows or openSUSE 11.4 installer.

Would like to eliminate the Windows Boot Manager screen.

Aside 1: I assume the openSUSE folder in Windows C is expendable?
Aside 2: Both 11.4 installs I have done so far have resulted in the Iggy splash screen being vertically fragmented. No big problem with that, just wondering if it's a sign of other trouble?

Thanks in advance for any help ...