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Thread: Ilnstalling l7-filter application

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    Default Ilnstalling l7-filter application

    Hello all,

    am a little bit new in Lunux, and I want to install l7-filter application on my opensuse 11.3 . I couldn't install it alone according to this guide :

    Layer 7 Userspace HOWTO

    , so could you please help me in a step by step installation process ?

    the download link is :

    Linux layer 7 packet classifier - Browse Files at

    many thanks and regards


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    Default Re: Ilnstalling l7-filter application

    This is from the link, which is from 2008:
    If you have not already, please read the README.

    Please note that this version of l7-filter is still in the early stages of development. This documentation may be out-of-date. You should read the documentation included in the package itself also, particularly the man page and the BUGS, Changelog and TODO files.

    This version of l7-filter has a number of compatibility problems with newer kernels. We hope to eventually get it all sorted out, but for now the kernel version is the development priority. If you can improve this version, please send your patches to our mailing list!
    From what it looks like this is not maintained, it speaks of compatibility problems with "newer" kernels. My 2 cents: look for a more up to date alternative, it may and will save time and energy.
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