I get the following error message when I start the google chrome browser:

GConf Error: Adding client to server's list failed, CORBA error: IDLmg.org/CORBA/COMM_FAILURE:1.0

Chrome starts up and everything looks normal but its not loading the content of the page and the cursor busy signal keeps spinning until I'm asked to kill the unresponding page or wait. If I close down and reopen Chrome enough times eventually I can get it to function properly. Usually when it works my terminal will say:

Attempting to load the system libmoon

and after that point everything seems to work. I've tried both the unstable and stable versions of google chrome and they both function the same way. I've tried uninstalling libmoon and that makes the problem worse. The percent chance of getting it to work is less. I tried creating a new user thinking my home directory configuration files might be a problem and the same problem happens for the new user.