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Thread: Need help with iNeo 1.5T Ext HD

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    Unhappy Need help with iNeo 1.5T Ext HD

    i just recently purchased an iNeo 1.5 T external HD, and I currently have it running on my Asus Netbook running Windows 7 starter. Is there anyway I can remotely/wirelessly access the ext drive from my other laptop running suse 11.4?

    I am not quite sure what I am doing, but I did make one attempt and failed. My ext hd is set to share on my netbook and I went into my suse laptop under My Computer, Network Folders, Add Network Folder, Microsoft Windows Network Drive, and assigned a Network name, server, and Network path. Maybe I entered in the wrong data? Maybe I am doing this all wrong?

    Help? Anyone?

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    Default Re: Need help with iNeo 1.5T Ext HD

    Try opening your file manager, dolphin or konqueror in kde will work, and type the following in the address bar: smb://ip-address-of-windows-netbook

    The ip address you're looking for should start with something like 192.168.0. you can find it in windows by opening cmd (in Accessories if memory serves) and type: ipconfig

    You will probably need to enter the username and password of one of your netbook's users then you should see a list of the netbook's shares, assuming you have the windows network shares properly set up

    Personally I tend to connect shared drives to a linux machine and share via samba rather than connecting shared drives to a windows machine

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    Default Re: Need help with iNeo 1.5T Ext HD

    I'm not sure if you are trying to attach the remote drive as a mapped drive (always there at boot time like in windows when you map a share to e.g. Z: drive) --or-- if you just want to go there occasionally by using Dolphin --> Network --> samba shares.

    Can you clarify for me?
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