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Thread: install opensuse 11.4 to an external hard-drive

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    Default install opensuse 11.4 to an external hard-drive

    I installed opensuse 11.4 to an SD card through usb card reader and the boot from the card failed with "error 21" from GRUB. But I can boot from it when I put it in the SD card slot in another CPU.

    I know there are guides how to create live usb flash drives for opensuse 11.4, but I am interested to know is it possible to install opensuse direct from installation DVD to an external USB drive?

    There seem to have been a HOW-TO on this in, but now the page has been removed. Is it not supported any longer?

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    Default Re: install opensuse 11.4 to an external hard-drive

    Here is the url for the openSUSE instructions on installing to an external drive:

    SDB:Installation on external hard drive - openSUSE

    Worked great for me - I was very surprised at how fast 11.4 is on an external USB drive. I loaded it on my Dell laptop. Be very careful about the Grub settings.

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