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Thread: Tuxmath crashes immediately after startup

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    Default Tuxmath crashes immediately after startup

    When I am trying to start Tuxmath, it only show the initial screen for a second or two, and shuts down.

    From the console I get this error message:

    tom@linux-8ec5:~> tuxmath
    (process:9634): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()
    (Minnesegmentsfeil is Norwegian for memory segment error.)

    I must admit that the error message doesn't tell me much, so I hope someone is able to clarify it.

    There is also another recent posting in the German forum regarding this error.

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    Default Re: Tuxmath crashes immediately after startup

    sounds like a bug....TuxMath is hosted in the openSUSE Education
    project...most here won't be familiar with it (for sure, i'm not) and it
    seems the best place for your question might be in the Education forum:

    or any of the other avenues listed under the heading of "Communication"
    on the project's opening page:

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    Default Re: Tuxmath crashes immediately after startup

    Do a 'zypper in TuxMath-debuginfo' then try 'catchsegv tuxmath' and post the output. The other possibilty would be to do 'gdb tuxmath' snd the from the gdb prompt enter 'r'. After the program has crashed enter 'bt' and post the resulting backtrace here.

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