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Thread: r600_cp: Failed to load firmware "radeon/R600_rlc.bin"

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    Cool r600_cp: Failed to load firmware "radeon/R600_rlc.bin"

    I installed openSuSe 11.4 on a Lenovo W500 and noticed this error message upon bootup. The desktop login doesn't make it to the screen. I went into fail-safe mode as root. I know the issue is attributed to the R600_rlc.bin located in /lib/firmware/R600_rlc.bin. I attempt to make some config changes but the file is in binary. It could be a problem associated with the creation of the initrd but not certain. It's a dual-boot system running Windows 7 on the other partition.

    Has anyone been exposed to this issue?

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    Default Re: r600_cp: Failed to load firmware "radeon/R600_rlc.bin"

    Can you boot t failsafe?

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