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Thread: Announcing Open-Bugs-Day - April 2

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    Default Announcing Open-Bugs-Day - April 2

    The openSUSE Testing Core Team will be holding their 2nd Open Bugs Day from 0:00
    to 23:59 UTC on Saturday, April 2. Unlike the first OBD, which concentrated on
    bugs in Factory, 11.4 Mx, and 11.4 RCx, the second will concentrate on
    identifying those bugs from 11.2 and older versions that still exist in 11.4.
    Unless these bug reports are refreshed, there is a danger that those bugs will
    be forgotten, and never fixed.

    The emphasis will be on verification that the bug still exists rather than
    eradication/fixing, thus programming or other technical skills will not be
    needed. If you have the appropriate hardware or software needed to test any
    given bug, you can help.

    Coordination of the Open Bugs Day will be on the IRC channel used by the TCT
    (irc:// At least one member of the team will
    be on-line to help with questions, etc. We will also have various on-line tools
    for coordination of our efforts.

    Future plans include collaborations with other teams (KDE, Gnome, ??) in a Bug
    Squashing Day, and another OBD after the release of 11.5 M5.

    I hope to see you on-line on April 2.

    Larry Finger (lwfinger), Member of the Testing Core Team

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    Default Re: Announcing Open-Bugs-Day - April 2

    Thanks, Larry Finger, for the announcement.

    I guess that further information will be on the wiki article
    openSUSE:Open-Bugs-Day - openSUSE


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    Default Re: Announcing Open-Bugs-Day - April 2

    I'm writing this at 02:00 UTC on April 2, 2011. I have been monitoring the
    Testing Team IRC channel at irc:// for the past
    two hours with no company. If you have time in the next 22 hours, we would
    appreciate your help.

    Further information is available at

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