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Thread: VirtualBox users and Kernel Upgrades

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    Default VirtualBox users and Kernel Upgrades

    Hi this is just FYI a reminder for VirtualBox users

    I notice a new kernel in the Tumbleweed repo -->
    Each time there's a kernel update the VBox users need to upgrade to a matching virtualbox-guest-kmp-desktop RPM.

    So I recommend you check that a new virtualbox-guest-kmp-desktop RPM exists in the Tumbleweed VirtualBox repo and then do the kernel update including the kpm RPM (or add it after).

    Following that you'll need to update the module vboxdrv by running this script as root: "/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup".

    PS here's the address of the Tumbleweed VirtualBox repo:
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    PPS on 28 April I notice this is now the appropriate address for the repo:
    HTML Code:
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