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Thread: How to configure Kaffeine to use jack

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    Default How to configure Kaffeine to use jack

    Hello All,
    Does anyone know how to configure Kaffeine to use jack.

    After I start jack with:

    $ jackd -v -d alsa

    there is no audio coming from Kaffeine.

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    Default Re: How to configure Kaffeine to use jack

    Kaffeine like other KDE apps will use whatever backend (usually gstreamer or xine) is configured in KDE System Settings>Multimedia>Phonon (Backends tab). Armed with that info, you can go to and research your question there.

    That website should save you starting a different thread for each application you are trying to use jack for. There aren't many users on this forum experienced in using jack sound server for DAW applications. There are probably even fewer than that with experience in using jack for general-purpose media applications, including kaffeine.

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