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Thread: Volume drops after each song

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    Default Volume drops after each song

    here is the problem: for some reason, after switching song, sometimes even after starting song, my volume level gets to highest level, and when I try to lower it with my DELL Inspiron 9400 laptop's multimedia keys, it drops to minimal level (no sound). Then I have to adjust it in YAST Sound configuration or in Kmix panel - adjust "Master" chanell. But after another song switch - everythng starts all over.
    As mentioned, to adjust volume I use multimedia keys. On DELL Inspiron 9400 laptop.
    Opensuse version: 11.3
    Used mixer: Kmix.
    Used master channel (for multimedia keys): PCM
    Volume level does't drop or increase, if I don't change song manually.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Volume drops after each song

    Ah, replying to my own thread...
    Just if anyone will someday face similar problem - just try to reinstall everything related to "alsa", "pulseaudio"... I even reinstalled media players

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