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Thread: github login issues

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    Default github login issues

    I have been getting the following issue when I do a ssh

    PTY allocation request failed on channel 0

    I have tried restarting issues
    Now I have replaced my ssh key ( which is not a solution ) and tried it again but did not help

    Also everytime I do a git push
    I have to enter my user name and password instead of the passphrase.
    Again when I do an
    ~/.ssh> ssh-add id_rsa I get this -- Could not open a connection to your authentication agent
    So it does not help

    I have already unblocked port 22
    Manu Gupta
    Manipal Institute Of Technology
    Manipal, Karnataka - 576104

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    Default Re: github login issues

    I'm not sure if this helps you, but in order to access a github repository I had to open port 9418.

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