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Thread: Problem with RAID (ICH10R + openSUSE 11.4)

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    Default Problem with RAID (ICH10R + openSUSE 11.4)

    I recently installed openSUSE 11.4 at my desktop (Core i7 930, X58 chipset). All has gone really well, but I have a problem with the RAID 1 array in my system. I have created a RAID 1 array using the ICH10R controller, but in openSUSE I cannot access it. The array only contains one NTFS partition.

    In Partitioner (in YaST) it shows the RAID array as "md126" and the partition as "md126p1". As mount point it shows "/windows/C *". It's the only storage device that is shows the mount point with an asterisk.

    It's the first time that I'm dealing with a (fake-)RAID array in Linux, so any help would be very useful!

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    Default Απ: Problem with RAID (ICH10R + openSUSE 11.4)

    I had the same problem as you. My raid instead I had been formatted.
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