I am running the Gnome 3 demo, which I have installed. I am seeing behavior that is similar to what is reported in other threads, so this might apply to a regular gnome install also, though I am not sure of that.

I have two user accounts in the Gnome 3 system. One of them uses the normal Gnome 3. The other I have forced to FallBack mode, which I think uses the gnome 2 shell. I am seeing similar behavior in both user accounts.

A system notice tells me that there are updates available. I check with online update (in Yast). It shows nothing. So I open the update application. It tells me that there are 180 updates available. I am suspecting that packagekit has a list of applications that should have been installed but would not fit on the live CD, and it is trying to install those. But that's only a guess.

Here is what I see:

Packagekit gives a long list of package and/or updates. I click "Apply". Another window opens, and says "Additional confirmation required". However, there is nowhere on that window to give the additional confirmation.

After a while, it occurred to me - there might be a button for additional confirmation that is off the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, gnome won't let me move the window above the top margin, so I am never able to see the bottom.

I first saw that yesterday. Today, an idea occurred to me. Since my screen is reasonably wide, I went into the display settings and rotated the screen by 90 degrees. And then I could see a "Continue" button. It's hard to maneuver the mouse with the screen sideways, but I managed. And all of those 180 packages seem to have installed.

Maybe the folk having packagekit problems with gnome can check if it is the same problem. And if it is, report it as a bug. A report based on regular gnome would be better than one based on the Gnome 3 where I saw this.