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Actually, you can try the Phantom Suite (Windows) for free, but after a month your trial registration comes to an end. So, either you download again, or, indeed, you buy it.

Hi W,

I downloaded and installed Phantom Suite using Wine on my 64-bit openSUSE 11.4 box tonight. It installed and ran without a hitch. The version of Wine is nothing special - I just used the one in the openSUSE repository from YaST. I also installed Q4Wine via YaST - it's a KDE frontend for Wine that makes it easier to install programs. Once I had Wine setup, I told it to run the Phantom setup executable, and it installed and ran. I was able to open a 2,000 page, 100MB PDF document - no easy task!

Looks like a great program by the way! Very quick, and lots of PDF editing features. I'll have to play around with this some more. Looks like the next version of Foxit Pro, with some OCR and other functions added on? Anyway, it's a great find, and I'm glad to announce that it runs just fine under Wine. Hope that helps.