This is pretty odd,
after we upgraded to 11.4 several desktop systems (they are G965 based ASUS barebones, with different configurations, CPU, integrated video vs additional nVIDIA cards), they would freeze solid (power cycle required) 5 to 15 seconds after a resume.

The resume from suspend seems to work properly, it gives you the opportunity of unlocking the session, if you're quick, then 80% of the times, it would lock solid; in a minority of times, it just goes through.

Here's the odd part: since the same upgrade, they will freeze in a similar way during POST, or during GRUB initialization, or during the GRUB countdown, initrd/kernel loading if that happens 5 to 15 s after a *reboot* from openSUSE 11.4. If they manage to reach kernel initialization they work reliably, pretty heavy loads for days.

They never freeze that way on cold boot, or rebooting from older suse releases, it happens on multiple machines, so I'd rule out a coincidence with an hardware fault. It's just like the kernel/drivers are setting some state, which persists reboot/post/suspend and causes issues later. Reboot from safe mode seems ok, kernel in Tumbleweed has the same issue, BIOS is on the latest release available for the hw.

I am perplexed on where to start searching.