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Thread: can't print to windows xp printer

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    Default can't print to windows xp printer

    Using openSUSE 11.4 and winXP pro sp3

    I am a complete noob to linux.

    I went into YAST2 and added a printer--none were found. I used the connection wizard and selected Print Via Print Server Machine>>Windows or Samba.

    i entered the winxp info

    server: daddy
    Printer Share Name: HP4200
    Workgroup: MSHOME

    I selected HP for printer manufacturer. When I did test connection it said access test failed:

    Domain=[MSHOME] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]
    ping: unknown host daddy

    Testing share 'HP4200' on 'MSHOME/daddy':
    tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

    Share 'HP4200' on 'MSHOME/daddy' does not accept print jobs (share may not exist?)

    Host 'daddy' unreachable (network issue or wrong host or firewall active?)

    So i hit OK anyway, then selected

    HP Deskjet d4200 series hpcups

    the model is an HP deskjet d4260

    So then I print a test page----and the file is sent to the print spooler and the printer makes noises but then it stops:

    document name Remote Download Document
    Status: Printing
    Owner: Guest
    Pages: N/A
    Size 64KB/44.3 MB
    Submitted: 11:25:04 AM 4/10/2011
    Port: USB001

    I did this tutorial previously:

    How To Samba With openSUSE 11.2 and Windows and can successfully use the MSHOME workgroup.

    I then tried this tutorial:

    Printer Sharing: Windows Print Server for Suse/openSUSE Linux Clients [Samba and LPD]

    when i go to http://localhost:631/ to Add printer it asks for my user name and password, the site says CUP---I enter my root user name and password and it says Unable to add printer: Forbidden

    Please help! I am a complete Linux noob.

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    Default Re: can't print to windows xp printer

    I posted this on the internet/networking group and I wanted to delete this post here but I cannot edit or delete posts it seems.

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