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Thread: 11.4 + Gnome 3 top bar help

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    I installed 11.4 with gnome 3 from the live cd yesterday. I don't have the right driver for my geforce2 go yet so its going to fall back. which is fine atm (thats the next adventure) but - I was messing around with the desktop, and was trying keyboard shortcuts, I'm not sure which one I hit but it was like Alt-F7 or F8 or somewhere around there. And the top panel (top black bar with Apps, Places, time, net, name, etc..) suddenly bunched all the buttons together and erased the rest of the black bar. so Apps, Places, the time, and my name are all on the top left. Ive tried searching how to reset to default in gnome 3 but I've not been able to find anything on google. I am somewhat new to linux (about 2months in, started with ubuntu). in ubuntu i could simply right click the bar and choose settings and change opacity, color, width etc. can anything help me out? [IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]

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    I know its just an irritation, but if anyone has some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated

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    107 views and noone knows? =(
    maybe theres a pack on the repos i can reinstall...
    Wish there was more documentation on gnome 3 allrdy

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