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Thread: bluetooth not working in compaq 510

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    Default bluetooth not working in compaq 510

    i just installed opensuse 11.4 kde with livecd and my bluetooth is not working...
    i have monolith icon in system tray but it says no device is founded, which also bluetooth manager in control center says...
    and here is the report of "lsmod | grep blue":

    bluetooth 93477 0
    rfkill 17734 3 bluetooth,cfg80211,hp_wmi

    it seems no bluetooth module is loaded... what should i do now?
    i had no problem with bluetooth in ubuntu(10.04 or 10.10)

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    Default Re: bluetooth not working in compaq 510

    * thelastblack,

    is there a hardware switch or Fn key to toggle Bluetooth?


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    Default Re: bluetooth not working in compaq 510

    i found out the problem
    when i turn off my bluetooth in ubuntu(or gnome- more specificly) using its menu when my switch is on, i cant access it in other OSes, even windows!
    now i have GNOME3 live of opesSUSE and bluetooth works!
    i dont know whether it is a hardware issue or a software one but it is fixed now

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