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Thread: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

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    Default How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?


    I am not sure, whether such a Thread already exists or not, but I would like to read, how you made your way to OpenSuse? When did you begin with computers, what are you using them for? Was it difficult for you to start using Linux? And so on...

    so, for a start, here is my story:

    My first computer, bought in 1995, was featuring an Intel Pentium Processor with 133 Mhz and it also had 8 Mb RAM and 2 Gb HDD.
    It was preloaded with Windows 95. It had quite a lot of alternative software on it, for example the Netscape Navigator (instead of IE), StarOffice (instead of MS Office) and some Corel Photo and painting software.
    It was running quite okay. I used it a lot for gaming and all the photo stuff and of course the Internet.

    In 2000 I bought a new one, featuring an AMD Athlon Processor with 1400 Mhz, 256 MB RAM and 40 Gb HDD. It was preloaded with Windows Me and this was horrible. After suffering for more than two and a half years I bought a Windows Xp and was slightly reliefed...
    This computer was also used for all the things which happen in Live. I had this computer until 2009, but then upgraded to 1 Gb RAM and a 500 Gb HDD.

    In 2005 I thought about buying a Mac, because I was fed up with Windows. I had some viruses on the machine and did not know where they came from (for sure it was not porn! ) and I simply wanted something different.

    I went to the Apple Store and realised that this would be really really expensive. And I also was not sure... there is no trial... you buy it and you like it, or you have lost a lot of money... or you sell it again... whatever...

    So I thought to myself: "there must be something else". And after some weeks of not thinking about all this anymore, I stumbled over a CT, a german technology magazine, mainly for computer guys. They always bring also some special editions and this special edition was about OpenSuse 10.0 and a install DVD was also included.
    So I tried it...
    But in some way I did not really succeed with it. I had no clue about it because of course I never have heard about Linux and Suse in particular.
    Anyway, from this moment on I was somehow fascinated and pissed in the same moment. Fascinated because there was something which also makes my computer being useful and pissed because I did not have a clue how to install the graphics driver for my ATI card and because there was no driver for my Lexmark printer.

    So after a while I decided to fire up Windows again... and I was very sad about this.

    After a while this bugging feeling came back... "try it again!!!". So this time, in early 2006 I tried Ubuntu 5.10 because there was some other article about it in another CT magazine.
    I finally managed to install the graphics driver on it and it was quite okay.
    But after a while I felt that the gaming was missing...
    At this time I did not know that you also can dualboot...

    So the so to say second good time of Windows on my computer lasted until early 2008.

    In the meantime I collected lots of information about Linux. How to dualboot, how to install graphics drivers, how to install printer drivers... and so on.
    I also bought a new printer, which was supported by Linux (a Brother all-in-one)

    So I tried it again, in 2008 with Ubuntu 7.10. This time I wanted to succeed. But I dont know what was wrong... but the system could not save the screen resolution. Every time it booted up, the screen was wrong and I had to fix it manually.
    After a while Ubuntu 8.04 came out and I tried this. But not Ubuntu, it was Kubuntu instead, because I knew from the trial with Suse 10.0 back in 2005, that KDE may be a bit more familiar...
    So this time, my trial was successful. I got everything to work on my old computer from 2000.

    It was amazing.

    After everything was set up, I sat in front of the screen with tears of fascination in my eyes. I could not believe that this simply works.

    After a while working with KDE 3.5 I felt that it actually is not really my piece of cake and I switched over to Gnome-Ubuntu.
    I also bought a new computer some days later and also a Laptop. Both without operating system and I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on the desktop and Ubuntu 8.10 on the Laptop.
    Later I followed all Ubuntu and Kubuntu versions until 2010. Kubuntu on the desktop and Ubuntu on the Lappie.
    I also tried a lot of other distros, like OpenSuse 11.2, Mint, Debian, Mandriva, Fedora, Sabayon...

    In 2010 I realised that I need change again. So I started a really bad distro hopping and finally ended up with OpenSuse 11.3. I also bought a new Laptop because the old one is showing signs of wear (it was a really cheap one) and I think that it will break soon. As I moved to the US I also bought a new desktop over here and this is now a dualboot again. But Windows is booted next to never on this machine.

    Now I am on Open Suse 11.4 and I am really happy.

    So, to all of you developers out there: thank you very much, for providing such an awesome system! Your work and your effort is very much appreciated!


    whats your story?
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    Default Re: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    First off, I don't have a good memory like you.
    Yes, I think we are on common ground with your explanation.

    IIRC my Son was given an intro to Linux in school, came home with it and we grabbed a SUSE 8 DVD from somewhere. I messed with Mepis 3 and the first releases of Ubuntu that they were giving away like crazy.
    I was singularly using SUSE at v.10 (even with all the package manager troubles)
    Whilst I became a Linux enthusiast, my Son lost interest, mostly because of a growing fascination for all things 'Games'. He now works in IT and has done all his Microsoft and Cisco stuff. He knows his way around Linux of course.
    I have always had SUSE from 10, though some machines have had to use different distros Eg: @ 11.1 my box was on Fedora and @ 11.3 my box was on Mint.
    Currently 11.4 on everything + I have Factory-Tested and will be testing the M's of the next release.
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    Default Απ: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    I had started with openSUSE 10 and so now I use it as my main operating system on my Desktop, on my laptop and server. I use also Kubuntu, openSOLARIS, MONOMACHOS, Backtrack. I use linux only for developing and programming.
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    Default Re: Απ: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    Caldera went belly up and SUSE was the obvious alternative.

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    Default Re: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    Can't remember anymore exactly but I had been examining Linux for a while back in the mid 90's and was asked to help setting up a server for a small town back when net was emerging (and I was still studying) and after rolling out Slackware (back then getting the ethernet adapter to work on Linux was a bit tricky, especially since there weren't that many drivers around and they were quite flakey) I ran into SuSE fork of Slack and liked the way it worked, replaced the Slackware system and have been using SUSE on servers since.

    Yes, I use Mac on desktops nowadays but #1 choice for servers is lil' SUSE.

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    Default Re: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    I first tried slackware and redhat around 1995. I had already been using unix, and it was good to be able to get a unix-like system on my own PC.

    I first tried suse on my laptop at around 9.1 or 9.2 (not sure of the actual version). I went fully to opensuse with version 10.1.
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    Default Re: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    On 04/05/2011 07:36 AM, steffen13 wrote:
    > whats your story?

    first exposure was a remote terminal acoustically coupled to a main
    frame in a far off building...both what was typed on the keyboard and
    the computers reply was printed onto a roll of heat sensitive paper with
    heated dot-matrix magic...we used it to 'play' a "war game" (wasn't
    play, it was a computer aided exercise in war planning, execution,
    command and control..)

    next at a remote terminal with a CRT, and occasional computer card
    puncher, connected to an IBM mainframe in the basement, in late
    '78...then used several 8080/8086s my employer owned with various early
    MS and/or PC-DOS through about ' '92 changed jobs and had access
    to 8086/386 running MS-DOS4, then 5...and one Windows '93 i
    bought my first a 486/33 with MS-DOS 5.0 (or .1) and Windows
    '93 i bought OS/2 Warp v2.0 but when i read the instructions on how to
    partition and make a dual boot i chickened out, and sold it to a
    friend...but in early '95 (tired of waiting for the LONG promised but
    not delivered MS-Chicago) i bought and installed OS/2 Warp v3.0

    three things "sold me" on installing Warp
    - it could use all the MS software i had accumulated (at great expense)..
    - i was an experienced BBS user and having read about the internet i
    wanted to join, but that was kinda difficult to do with Win3.11 (had to
    learn about winsock and and and and) and, Warp was installed with a
    one-click to the internet via, easy as pie..(expensive, but easy)
    - it was immune from the viruses already invading MS-land

    in '98 (maybe it was late '97) i bought a second machine so i could
    'learn' Linux....and promptly got lost in Red Hat and wandered around
    learning (and trying Red Hat, Mandrake, and some others for several
    years while i continued to use OS/2 Warp v 4.0, 4.5 and later
    eComStation daily...

    but, by about 2001 i was using Fedora far more than the eComStation and
    in 2002 just switched completely to it..

    found SUSE around the 9.2 time frame (maybe it was 9.1, don't recall--i
    installed it because i bought a 64 bit AMD machine and a Linux Magazine
    arrived with a 64 bit SUSE install disk--and, they were a perfect match)
    and haven't shopped around for another distro since (not exactly true,
    as i looked seriously at Debian while still using 10.2 when openSUSE
    11.0, 11.1 and 11.2 wallowed in unstable-land, and looked in passing at
    Ubuntu, Knoppix, Arch and i don't know what else)

    but, after that first move to 64 i've always installed a 32...

    CAVEAT: [NNTP via openSUSE 11.3 + KDE4.5.5 +
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    Default Re: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    Quote Originally Posted by DenverD View Post
    ... installing Warp
    I also used Warp for a while, before moving to linux. I liked Warp, because it gave me easy Internet access.

    By 1995, I was also trying slackware linux. It didn't take long to find out that linux did Internet better than Warp, did latex better than Warp, and had an actual concept of limited users (which Warp lacked). After a while, I found that I was mainly using linux, and only occasionally booting into Warp.
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    Default Re: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    I learned about GNU/Linux a few years ago when I was using Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 as my primary operating system on my Hewlett Packard desktop PC. I wound up downloading and installing Ubuntu 9.04 in a dual-boot configuration. I was mighty impressed with myself. Then, I decided to give my HP desktop PC to my friend. I bought a Toshiba NB205-N310/BN netbook which came with the same operating system pre-installed. It is a very slow computer so I decided to install Ubuntu 9.10 on it. I had to fiddle around with the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi settings as they were intertwined together at the hardware level on that specific netbook. I used this netbook for several months until I made the decision to submit an application to New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey USA. I got accepted into the Masters of Science in IT Administration and Security degree program. I needed a much more powerful notebook PC rather than relying upon a netbook. I bought an ASUS N61JV-X2 notebook PC. It came with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I purchased Ultimate 64 bit and a whole slew of other software applications such as Symantec Norton 360 version 5, Super Anti-Spyware Professional, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Revo Uninstaller Professional, WinPatrol Professional, Acronis True Home Image 2011 and Plus Pack, VMWare Workstation 7, etc. I also bought Crucial 8.00 GB of DDR3 PC-8500 1,066 MHz SODIMM SDRAM and an Intel 2nd Generation 34nm SATA-II 160.00 GB Solid State Drive. I used the Intel Data Migration Toolkit to create a disk clone of my C drive containing my Windows partition onto an external Seagate Momentus 7200.4 SATA-II 500.00 GB 7,200 RPM hard drive that was connected to my Thermaltake BlacX SATA-I/II hard drive dock that comes with USB 2.0 and eSATA. For a while, I was definitely a Microsoft guy. I still am a Microsoft guy.

    Then, I decided to backup my C drive containing my Windows partition onto the external hard drive and I deleted my Windows partition because it took up 130.00 GB and I had 18.6 GB of free unallocated space left that I could not extend the volume. The restoration process failed. I lost my Windows operating system permanently.

    I tried to do a system recovery using my backup DVD-R discs. That failed because my Intel SSD was stuck inside my ASUS N61JV-X2 notebook PC due to a screw that got mangled when I tried to remove the hard drive bay cover. I tried to install Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, but it failed to recognize my Intel SSD despite the fact that I used the DISKPART utility to delete the old partition, create a new one, set it to active, set the file system to NTFS, and it was a no go.

    So, I wound up downloading and installing Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit Maverick Meerkat. It worked liked a charm. However, I noticed that it was not nearly as stable, reliable, and dependable as OpenSUSE. Whenever I tried to plug in my Super Speed USB 3.0 devices, it would freeze up and when I rebooted my laptop, it failed to load GRUB2 or the Ubuntu splash screen. I wound up giving up on Ubuntu and I downloaded and I installed OpenSUSE 11.4 64 bit with GNOME on April 1st, 2011.

    It has been a much better Linux experience. Almost everything works right out of the box except for my nVIDIA GeForce GT 325M with nVIDIA Optimus. The community here made the biggest difference. I found out that people here are patient, friendly, and supportive with quick replies to threads asking for help. In contrast, the Ubuntu community is similar, but there are so many more users that some of my threads in which I asked for help were never answered.

    I am sticking with OpenSUSE. I did install Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 bit in an Oracle Virtualbox virtual machine so that I can earn my degree from NJIT because they require IBM PC compatible computers with dual-core and hyper threading Intel CPUs and Microsoft Windows for the operating system for all of their degree programs. Otherwise, I would not use Windows anymore because I feel that OpenSUSE and GNU/Linux in a broader sense fulfills my needs.

    I am starting to understand the advocacy for F.O.S.S. and the philosophy behind it better. I would like to think that I am making myself more marketable and competitive when I graduate with my masters degree from NJIT by stating that I use OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, and Red Hat on my resume.

    In the meantime, I am studying for my CompTIA Security+ certificate and C++ programming language on my own time. I hope to master both subjects as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: How was your way to Linux and OpenSuse?

    I don't have all the credencials of the rest here, since i use computer mainly for joy and private. So mainly i am the dummy and learn by doing and reading.

    My first exposure to computers was the Sega Mastersystem for which i used the small creditcard shaped units to fire up games. Didn't had the money for the bigger (and better) cardridges at the time.
    After that, a friend of mine told me of his new computer which was a Commodore C64.
    With this machine you were able to do so much more. Well, of course you played games mainly, but you were able to peek and poke to force software to your advantage.

    At that time everything was buzzing around this little machine and at one point a company released a graphical OS for it which was called GEOS.
    I had even a friend who used his C64 to go online.

    After that, I optaind a PC. For some reason, everyone was saying PC are the future. So I bought in and got me a Amstrad 1640 PC. It did not have any harddrive, since they were kinda expensive at the time and so I used Floppydrives instead.
    Funny thing, I bought also a text writing program but did not read the small print as it required to have a harddrive in order to work.
    Did I mention that it had a monochrome monitor? It did. I think I enjoyed tooling around with it, but I did not feel home.

    So after a short while, I bought an Amiga 500 since a friend had one. This was of course mainly a gaming computer since most people used it for games.
    But it had also some of the finest software around like Dpaint from Electronic Arts. Good times indeed if I compare it to today.
    Also you had easy access to a brought spectrum of software tools like C or Assembler or your Basic.
    With this machine I had my first climatic experience as it enabled me to get online. At the time I bought the cheapest alternative I could find which was an 300 Baud acoustic coupler. This transformed you in to a real hacker. Light off, Monitor on and starting the terminal.
    The only problem facing, was sudden interruption by a standbyer who was coughing since the coupler would catch those waves and you seen only salad on the screen.
    At one point there was a Unix version available for the Amiga but since i had no use for it, it passed.

    After Commodore officially went out of business i was looking for alternatives and of course it was a PC again.
    Windows took over the world and if someone spoke about computers, it was strictly Windows as the only option there was. This is going on to this date.

    The first version of a PC i had was a 386SX and there of up to Pentium at which point i got from a friend the hint to try Suse. At that time it was version 4 i believe. There was no Gnome or KDE at the time (correct me if i am wrong) but everything worked fine to a certain degree. Problem was that most of the stuff as far as i remember had to be compiled to have software. Vaguely i remember Yast.

    Time past and i went back to the Windows again. At one point i switched even the complete hardware and went nerdy with an iMac (the bondiblue). You can say what you want, but this was a machine with a soul again. For all its limits, it was fun to hack on it.
    After a couple years later and some other releases of Windows, i am back with OpenSuse (now Open) and use it since 11.2 or so..

    Oh i forgot to mention that i also used Ubuntu for a while. But besides the awesome Gnome desktop, i felt better with Suse since its german and i knew it from the past (to a small degree).

    Thats my story, hope you enjoyed it.

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