I was anxious to update my Opensuse to 11.4 but was worried about my slow internet connection. However an user of this forum kindly sent me a DVD by mail wich enabled me to do what I wanted. I just finished making a fresh install of Opensuse 11.4. It's wonderful. Almost all applications have improved a lot. But, unhappily some few have acquired new problems now, specially some that are in repos but not in the DVD. Let me number those I have found:
1 - In all versions of Gnome ctrl+alt+arrow (left or right) was the shorcut to switch between workspaces. Now it doesn't work. When I go to keyboard shortcuts in Gnome all options in the section of desktop enviroment are written "unknown action". There is no place to create shortcuts for actions related to the desktop as switching between workspaces. (I also want to use the opportunity to ask how can I create a shortcut to switch between workspaces in KDE too.)
2 - I used Qsynth/Fluidsynth as the default output synth for Rosegarden in Opensuse 11.3. In all versions Fluidsynth recognized bank variations immediatily and automatically as I changed them in Rosegarden. Now I installed the latest versions from Opensuse download site and it doesn't recognize bank variations anymore. It only recognize presets of the first bank of my soundfont. Strangely, in Fluidsynth-dsii I can load presets of any bank. But Qsynth/Fluidsynth doesn't recognize them.
3 - Nvidia proprietary drviers always used to cause some minor problems with compiz. But now they are worst than ever! When I launch applications most of the times windows come maximized but on the screen they are not really maximized at all. I have to click on the window title to bring it to the right size. If I don't do it letters inside that window don't appear correctly. Sometimes I click in close button in a window and it only works after the 2nd or 3rd click. And there are another some minor flaws or slowdowns.
4 - In a terminal I typed su. As superuser I typed nautilus. It didn't launch and gave me back the following message:
GLib-GIO:ERROR:gdbusconnection.c:2279:initable_init: assertion failed: (connection->initialization_error == NULL)
I just can launch nautilus if I login as root.

If anyone knows fixes or workarounds for these problems please let me know.

One tip:
If anyone have tried to connect Opensuse 11.4 to internet using DSL and it complained about one or more missing files and you didn't find those files in neither in DVD nor in 11.4 repos, it really has happenned (at until last week if anyone didn't correct it yet). The workaround is to download them from 11.3 repos and install them manually using Yast. It really works!