I use Gnome 2 on Opensuse 11.3. I have Adobe Flash Player stand-alone installed. I also installed gnash.
I liked to use Amsn but after finding a bug that none seemed to correct (messages received ofline are lost even if you click to accept them) I moved to Emesene that seemed to have all important features of a instant messenger.
Lately however I had a problem. Some friends of mine have sent me winks. On Emesene I just got a message saying that a wink was received and its name. I tried Amsn again and the result was the same. I tried Mercury messenger with Flashplayer as default external application. It has some nice winks that I can send. But when I click to play them it launchs Flashplayer empty. I just can watch them going to Mercury directory and openning their files. And when I receive a wink I get a message that it was received but no link link to play it. If it is possible to find received winks in some directory, well, I don't know about it yet.
At last, is there some application or combination of applications that allow me to use the basic features of instant messaging like those of Emesene and Amsn and at the same time sending and receiving winks?