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    I've just installed Suse 11.4 from the ISO DVD onto a new PC. I have used various versions of Suse over the last several years and this is certainly the best from the point of view of ease of install, and all hardware working as it should.

    Here comes the 'but', however. I am sorry to have to say that, in all the versions of Suse I have installed, the help system has NEVER worked properly. For the first time since the install, being unfamiliar with this version of Amarok, I pressed on the help link, only to find - again - that the trail leads to a dead end with the relevant doc file "missing".

    I just cannot understand why this simple failure persists over all these releases. I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can shed any light on this odd phenomenon.

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    This is not openSUSE's fault. If you had followed the link, you would have discovered that the help files for Amarok are on the web and they are simply versions of the files on the KDE Userbase. Sadly, it appears to be the old story of programmers being too busy programming to have time for the documentation. Unfortunately this is true of a number of KDE applications. But they are always looking for people able to contribute to the documentation.

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    Try removing the help and yelp packages. Reboot.
    Then install help and yelp again.

    IMHO, some update messes up the help path
    I also make sure that openSUSE repos Update, OSS, NON-OSS precede my other repos.
    I switch order when I need to use Packman or VideoLan repos before I use the openSUSE.
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    Thanks both. I can live with this and, as you say, read the online docs for the likes of Amarok. But I just feel sad that new users coming to Suse, maybe from Windows, will have this experience and take away the erroneous view that the whole of the OS is flaky.

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