So I went and got the 11.4 Net Install disk and started it. Had a couple of issues in that the repo stopped responding in the middle of the upgrade but eventually responded again and the download completed. Waited an hour while CURL reported User Aborted while trying to download cracklib...

Upgrade Complete...Reboot

Couldn't login CLI or any window manager. GRUB showed only one out of 3 selections upgraded to 11.4, Xen was the only one upgraded, which was not my default prior to the upgrade.

I decided that it kinda looked like the upgrade was partial and booted from the CD again. Followed through as though I was doing the upgrade again, and there were another 500 packages needed!

Waited while they installed, and now it's everything's upgraded!

Anyone else have anything like this happening while doing a network upgrade from 11.3 to 11.4 on an x86_64 arch machine?