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Thread: Firefox - Google problem 11.3 X86-64 firefox SUSE/3.6.15-0.2.1

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    Default Firefox - Google problem 11.3 X86-64 firefox SUSE/3.6.15-0.2.1

    For probably no more than a week I have been getting a strange problem with Firefox and google search. From time to time after entering a search into the search box on the google search page or clicking on a search result, the displayed page changes to my home page, about blank. I have not noticed this happen with anything other than the google search and search result pages. This evening google search became more or less unusable but there was no problem with bing. I do not have problems with this forum or any other web site

    I have not installed any google addons. Firefox does not appear to crash as all tabs stay open as does another firefox window. I can't see any errors in the firefox error console. It is full of warnings but it is always full of warning.

    Has anyone else seen this problem or got any idea what is happening?

    11.3 X86-64 KDE 4.4.4 firefox SUSE/3.6.15-0.2.1

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    Default Re: Firefox - Google problem 11.3 X86-64 firefox SUSE/3.6.15-0.2.1

    This just started happening. I haven't added any new extensions. When I do an initial search on google and the page returns with the results, if I type a different search in the form box and hit return or click on search, nothing happens. I have the googlebar for firefox installed and if I try a new search from there I can. I have no problem in ie. This just started. Any suggestions?
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