I have a strange issue since 11.2 (haven't tried yet 11.4).
I have a configuration (for bootsplash) that splits the bootup screen into 3 chunks:
a.) splash image
b.) text box
c.) progress bar

Up until 11.2 the progress bar worked charmlessly, i.e. it updated "automatically"
itself whenever doing a "echo set xxx >/proc/splash".
However since 11.2 it has changed. I need to force update if I do a virtual console
switch. Laymen's term: progress bar is not updated on console1, but if I switch to
console2 and then back to console1, I see the progress bar was indeed updated
and shows the proper position. However it doesn't do that automatically if I stay
at console1.

I am using an onboard intel vga (845g) chipset, with vga 0x371 (vesa fb).
Any idea?