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Thread: Bluetooth failure after sleep 11.4

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    Question Bluetooth failure after sleep 11.4

    I am looking for shell commands to make the internal usb bluetooth adapter think it has been unplug and replugged in.

    I know this works to fix my issue, because I have already test the theory with an external usb bluetooth device. After plugging and unplugging it my internal bluetooth loads up.

    List of wireless and bluetooth drivers:
    btusb                  17839  1 
    brcm80211             775162  0 
    bluetooth             107148  6 rfcomm,sco,bnep,l2cap,btusb
    # lsusb
    Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0a5c:21b4 Broadcom Corp. BCM2070 Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

    These guys are having the same issue with a wifi card after sleep, one is rebooting just one device and the other one is shooting the hole herd.

    I want to find the cleanest possible option, hopefully something that only effects the targeted device.

    Re: Terminal (shell) command for USB port
    then you only need to do the wifi drivers.

    sudo modprobe -r rt73usb rt2x00usb
    sudo modprobe rt73usb rt2x00usb
    you could try restarting it:
    sudo ifconfig ra0 down
    sudo ifconfig ra0 up
    Killing everthing
    i don't think you can do just 1 port, it's all 1 system "usbcore".
    what device is at the end of that port that you want to restart?

    anyways it's> sudo rmmod usbcore <to remove
    sudo modprobe -r usbcore

    to restart it> sudo modprobe usbcore

    it's better to do the device if you can, usbcore will take out all usb's.
    i use it when i suspend, cause it won't suspend with my usb wifi connected.
    [ubuntu] Terminal (shell) command for USB port - Ubuntu Forums

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    Default Re: Bluetooth failure after sleep 11.4

    Well after trying everything I have found I can say nothing seems to work.

    modprobe -r fails because module is in use.

    rfkill unblock failed, my card id "hci0" seems to be bogus.

    The only option that has worked so far is to plug and unplug an external bluetooth card.

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    Default Re: Bluetooth failure after sleep 11.4

    Whats your hciconfig output look like?

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    Default Re: Bluetooth failure after sleep 11.4

    same problem here... with 11.4 in the past and now with 12.1...

    anyone any solution yet?

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    Default Re: Bluetooth failure after sleep 11.4

    Same problem on 12.1 with KDE. Bluetooth doesn't work after resume on i945 mb. Btusb and bluetooth can not be unloaded.

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