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Thread: Lenovo T510 - Fingerprint reader

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    Default Lenovo T510 - Fingerprint reader

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently moved from Ubuntu to openSuse and am having a bit of fun getting used to it all.

    I was wondering if anyones managed to get the fingerprint reader working on their openSuse. I found a couple of sets of guidelines for different distros in linux but couldn't follow them through all the way.

    Was hoping someone else has already crossed that bridge.


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    This link might help you: Integrated Fingerprint Reader - ThinkWiki
    I have a Lenovo SL500 but did not get further than fingerprint scanning with fingerprint-gui. I built RPM packages for the gui in home:queden if you should need them.

    As far as I know, fingerprinting will only work for KDM/GDM login, there is no further implementation (kwallet would be a useful one...).

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