Would you prefer your Oxygen cursor in another colour?

If yes, is there an easy way to install the extra colours in 11.4?

The default cursor theme for Suse11.4 / KDE4.6 is apparently the nice Oxygen Cursor theme, which is offered in Black, White, Yellow and Blue. However, a total of 18 different colour variants seem to exist.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate an .rpm package that contained the other colour variants, nor a zipped theme file to install through the KDE system settings. I tried the Suse package search, kde-look.org & Google; I searched this forum and the developer's homepage; all without success. Please let me know if I was just too stupid to find it.

Eventually I found an Ubuntu package called oxygen-cursor-theme-extra, dated from 27.01.2008. I used alien to convert it into an .rpm. I could install it then without any problem and got all colour variants available to me now.

(I find it strange that Ubuntu offers the extra colours for the default KDE cursor theme, while the primary KDE distribution apparently does not. So I just thought I document my troubles here, just in case anyone else here wants their nice Oxygen cursors in a different colour shade. Feel free to contact me, if you have any troubles. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about the workings of repositories, packages and copyrights to make the extra colours directly available somehow. I am just an average user who prefers a red cursor that is easy to find on my blue themed KDE desktop. I tried other red cursor themes from kde-look, but many were incomplete, and none looked as nice to me.)