I was doing some update in my installed packages from repos. Then when checking if there was a new version of the Nvidia Cg group (packages are Cg, Cg-devel, libCg2_2, libCgGL2_2) I found that they're highlighted in red, being the installed version 2.2_1002-0.pm.1.1 for all of them. I haven't made changes in them at all since I installed them.

I understand Packman was offline for a while (maybe because of the inminent release of openSUSE 11.4?), but I think I have the repo correctly installed since when authomatic updates was running I was asked to import Packman's key again.

What does that red highlight mean and what can I do for this?
I want to compile and install an app that requires Cg. Will this Cg's condition affect me?
Could it be that Packman is lacking some of its original packages?