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Thread: New Motherboard

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    Default New Motherboard

    My husband will be installing a new motherboard in my SuSE 11.2 computer. I don't know what to expect:

    Will SuSE 11.2 just go on as usual, or will it "freak out" and then I would have to re-install the system? What has been your experience?

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    Default Απ: New Motherboard

    There are not problems with motherboards
    Check that Asus Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard Review |

    Or wait Amd's Buldoser processors and new motherboards with socket AM3+.
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    Default Re: Απ: New Motherboard

    The system will most definitely run, but you will need do to some fixes afterwards.

    • You will most probably have another network card, so your network settings need the respective adjustments

    • Same with the sound card

    • In some cases also the graphic card driver needs to be reinstalled (when using an internal NVidia / ATI-card)

    ...beside that, the system will work as before.

    Note that SuSE 11.2 will only be supported for two more months, so you should plan an upgrade soon.

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    Default Re: New Motherboard

    gropiuskalle wrote:
    > The system will most definitely run, but you will need do to some fixes
    > afterwards.

    Everybody's being very optimistic, so let me redress the balance

    Firstly, we haven't even been told that the new motherboard is the same
    word length as the current one (64 bit vs 32 bit), so we don't know
    enough to even say that the code will execute at all!

    Secondly, there are problems with specific devices (chips) so depending
    on exactly what motherboard is used, you may find that something doesn't
    work. As well as the network, audio and graphics that gropiuskalle
    mentioned, some recent chipsets have problems with some disks.
    Generally, it takes linux a little while to catch up after new hardware
    is introduced.

    If you have enough disk, I would probably do a fresh install of 11.4 to
    a different partition, and then copy your data across. That gives you
    the best chance of hardware compatibility and gets you around the 11.2
    end-of-life issue. If you don't have enough disk, I would buy another disk!

    Cheers, Dave

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    Default Re: New Motherboard

    Quote Originally Posted by djh-novell View Post
    Firstly, we haven't even been told that the new motherboard is the same
    word length as the current one (64 bit vs 32 bit), so we don't know
    enough to even say that the code will execute at all!
    Very unlikely... unless you replace a 64bit MB+CPU (on which a 64bit system is installed) with a 32bit machine, but it's very unlikely since you won't find a 32bit MB and CPU that easily.

    Of course, you shoudn't buy the latest mainboard, which was just released a week ago. Network, sound, graphics issues are easy to fix if you/he knows howto.

    • But you should find out what kind of hard disk(s) you have (IDE or SATA) before replacing the mainboard. If it's an IDE, you might not even be able to use your hard disk on the new mainboard anymore. In that case, you might consider to wait until the mainboard is broken to replace it ... or buy new hard disks.
    • Check which kind of RAM you have. It would probably be DDR2. They are always less and less mainboards which can use it. You cannot use DDR2 RAM on a mainboard built for DDR3. Some AMD mainboards can use both (either or, not mixed!) but they are getting pretty rare, I guess.

    Sometimes, you start buying a mainboard ... and you end up buying RAM, CPU and hard disk as well.

    * Maybe we can assume that your husband knows what he's doing (?)

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    Default Re: New Motherboard

    What does Module ata_piix not found mean?
    Error running install command for ata_piix
    could not find /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST3700418AS_9VMDSCCQ-part1.
    Then it asks if we want to fall back to /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST3700418AS_9VMDSCCQ-part1 and we hit y but it still can't find anything.

    Yes the motherboard was set up for 64 bit and my SUSE 11.2 is 32 bit.

    Processor: Intel core 2 quad 2.66ghz
    Motherboard: Ausu P5N-D

    And, no, we don't have much experience with Linux.
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    Default Re: New Motherboard

    I just saw my typo, lol: the motherboard is Asus not Ausu

    btw, I have the hard drive set up with two partitions: one with the SuSE 11.2 system (20 GB) and the rest was used for /home. I can install 11.4 over top of the 11.2 (replacing it) right?

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    Default Re: New Motherboard

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    Default Re: New Motherboard

    But it won't even boot! I can't get to YaST and I don't know the commands (I guess it's still in init3). X won't even start.
    I do get the boot screen to choose my kernel but right after that is when I get that fatal error message.

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    Default Re: New Motherboard

    I do not know this area very well and while I would try to fix my own system I am reluctant to give advice that may damage your system. Hopefully someone else will provide some advice.

    It is probably worth while downloading the opensuse 11.2 live cd. I personally would go for 11.2 as it is the same level as your system. Boot the CD which should work and you should be able to see your hard disk. If you really can't boot from your hard disk you may need the CD to fix your old system

    I assume that you have tried the failsafe boot option

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